Fire and Water
A clever tactical game for 2-4 players by Jens Bernsdorf

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Fire and Water, the raging elements,play the main roles in this tactical game for 2 to 4 players.
Who will get the upper hand? With the unrestrained strength of the elements on one hand, and with the help of the tender elementals on the other, a clever player will direct the outcome of the struggle of the elements in their favor and become the Master of the Elements…

This game reached the finals of the Hippodice Game Designer Competition 2012.

I have developed the game Fire & Water and am offering it here for free download.
You just have to download the following files, print them and glue them together as stated.

The files:

The game boards – one 8x8-board for 2 players, and a 12x8-board for 3 or 4 players
Markers The influence markers – 16 each in the 4 players' colors, plus the leaders and the elementals
Tokens The possession tokens – a less-than-ideal solution in case you don't have any wooden disks, cubes, chips, glass beads etc.
Rules The rules of the game
FW-Packet Everything you need in one package. Rules are in english and german, all the other material is language neutral (~ 750 kB).


[Bild 1] First glue the two pages of the file with the influence markers on two sides of an A4-size sheet of cardboard – or, if possible, print them directly on the front and back of white cardboard.

Make sure that the red area is on the back of the red markers, the green area on the back of the green markers and so on. This is because each player is supposed to have his own markers face-down in front of them.
[Bild 2]
After that, cut out the colored strips and the small squares.

If you've done everything fine, the result should look something like this.

Now, cut the influence markers off the strips, as shown on the picture (look at the yellow strip).
[Bild 3]
Now you've got all the influence markers and the leaders in the players' colors, and also the three elementals.

Now print out the game boards. You can either print them on the front and back of another A4 sheet of cardboard or just print them separately. If you like, you can also laminate them. Basically, a printout on ordinary paper should suffice if you handle it carefully.

All you still need is the possession tokens. Ideally, you take wooden disks or cubes or plastic chips from an existing game, for example El Grande, Robber Knights or Go West. You can as well buy some glass beads from a craft store. You need either 20 tokens in each of the four player colors or a total of 60 tokens in a neutral color.

If you can't or won't do this, you can still print the PDF-file with the possession tokens, glue it on cardboard and cut out the squares.
[Bild 4]

Each player has 16 influence markers and a leader in their color, then their 20 possession tokens (I used wooden chips). Below the middle, there are the three elementals.

On the sides, there are the two game boards.
[Bild 5]
And this is what the game might look like when being played...

The game Fire & Water is free.
Commercial use of this game without my prior written consent is strictly prohibited.

If you like the game, it would be nice if you could give a small form of recognition (maybe an idea for an improvement via e-mail – or you can correct my english). Also, you could rate this game on BGG.

Please send your comments, requests, corrections, suggestions for improvement via mail!

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